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Updated: ETS Self-Assessment Tool

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

As we continue our regularly scheduled document review, Excellence Through Stewardship is happy to announce the update of the Self-Assessment Tool. This update is the result of the hard work of our Audit Operations Committee.

The Self-Assessment Tool is a key resource to assist members in implementing the ETS program and to identify potential gaps in systems.

Key changes include:

  • Updated Format

  • Ease of Use Improvements

  • Refinement & Addition of Assessment Questions

Self-assessments/reviews should evaluate a members' programs in-depth, including the technical merit and operational performance of their systems, as well as system design and implementation. Items identified during the self-assessment/review should be addressed to strengthen our members' programs prior to their ETS Program Audits

To learn more about the different ETS resources available to you, please visit the

"Member Resources" section of our website.

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