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ETS Guides

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Guide for Stewardship

The Guide for Stewardship provides plant-biotechnology product developers, providers and stakeholders with an overview of stewardship considerations at different phases of the life cycle of biotechnology-derived plant products.

Guide for Maintaining Plant Product Integrity

The Guide for Maintaining Plant Product Integrity provides detailed guidance on how to develop and implement a stewardship program and quality-management system that will assist product developers in maintaining plant product integrity from product development through commercialization and post-market activities.

Guide for Product Discontinuation

The Guide for Product Discontinuation provides guidance when the decision is made to discontinue a product and terminate sale globally as a strategic business decision.

Guide for Incident Response

The Guide for Incident Response provides guidance for the prompt management and resolution of incidents involving plant biotechnology products.

Guide for Product Launch

The Guide for Product Launch Stewardship assists an organization in its development and implementation of the policy and activities recommended for biotechnology-derived plant products, including commodity and specialty crops and, where applicable, their derivative products and by-products.

Guide for Insect Resistance Management

The Guide for Insect Resistance Management assists developers of biotechnology-derived plant products by providing guidance on the development and implementation of a resistance management program(s).

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