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Our Value

​The Global Stewardship Group is an organization and a program designed to add value to any organization involved in plant biotechnology. 

Member Benefits

  • Access to technical resources and tools to help members meet stewardship objectives relevant to activities 

  • Implementation assistance/guidance, ask-an-expert and mentoring 

  • Increased potential opportunities for industry partnerships and agreements 

  • ETS member news which keeps members up-to-date on industry developments

  • Public recognition of membership and use of logo 

  • Participation in ETS meetings and committees which provide a forum to share ideas, opinions and concerns with others in the industry 

  • Promotion of the stewardship culture across your organization   


Benefits of Implementation

  • Independent 3rd party verification of stewardship program

  • Strengthen existing quality management systems (QMS) and achieve and maintain plant product integrity

  • Achieve a consistent operational discipline internally and across geographies

  • Maintain the durability of products

  • Minimize the potential for trade disruptions

  • Help ensure full compliance with applicable regulatory requirements

  • Anticipate regulations and lower cost of compliance

  • Reduce potential liability

  • Enhance relationships with customers, government authorities and the public

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