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We at Excellence Through Stewardship understand that your audit plans may be impacted by issues related to the coronavirus. The health and safety of employees at our member organizations and of our auditor partners is of utmost concern to our organization. Given these circumstances we are making the following recommendations and accommodations:

Be aware of restrictions and local health recommendations when scheduling audits in the short term.

Reschedule audits where travel or other restrictions will make it difficult or impossible for the auditor to arrive on site.

For audits that are currently scheduled and cannot be rescheduled – members may utilize mobile devices with cameras to assist the auditor in conducting “on-site” portions of audits. The auditor must be able to make determinations appropriate to the components being audited. This includes seeing relevant activities through the device and being able to interact with the employees as necessary. This must be done in agreement between the auditor and the auditee.

Members nearing the end of their audit cycle whose completion timing maybe impacted by delays related to the coronavirus may apply for an extension by contacting the ETS Executive Director.

Please direct any questions about this policy to Executive Director Chris Holdgreve: +1 (202) 297-3081 or choldgreve@ets.bio. Thank you

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