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How to Join ETS

1. Contact Global Stewardship Group Staff with any Questions

For specific questions regarding your membership type, commitments, and dues associated with membership, please contact the GSG staff. GSG has adopted a flexible dues structure directly related to plant biotech activities and revenues.

2. Choose your Membership Category

a. Regular Membership

This membership is available to organizations engaged in discovering, developing, handling or commercializing biotechnology-derived plant products. This includes technology companies, academic and governmental institutions, public and private research organizations, seed producers, licensees and other service providers to the industry.

b. Associate Membership

This membership is available for any nonprofit organization, academic institution, government entity or individual that supports plant biotechnology and the Excellence Through Stewardship mission, but is not directly involved in research, development, or manufacture of plant biotechnology products.

3. Complete the Application Form

Fill out and submit the application form below.

Upon receipt of your application, the GSG Board of Directors will vote to approve membership of the applicant in a process that takes a couple of weeks.  If approved, GSG will then reach out to the new member to be billed its appropriate dues and to schedule an onboarding meeting. 

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