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Congratulations Satus Ager!

Excellence Through Stewardship would like to recognize Satus Ager (SA) for their successful completion of their 2018-2021 audit cycle under the ETS Global Audit Process. The ETS Global Audit Process ensures that our members have in place stewardship programs and quality management systems consistent with the Excellence Through Stewardship initiative.

Satus Ager, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was founded in 1996 and joined ETS, declaring its strong commitment to implementing robust stewardship programs and quality management systems for its entire business.  

Satus Ager produces corn and soybean seed for customers in the Northern Hemisphere and local markets.  Satus Ager believes in and abides by four guiding principles: confidentiality, information, technology and timing.  Based in Buenos Aires, the company has two conditioning facilities in Salto and Arrecifes and one research station in Ines Indart. SA's full-time staff includes over 200 people and about 3000 seasonal workers

SA provides Winter Production Services to companies in the northern hemisphere and the local market. These services include: corn seed, soybean seed, sunflower, sorghum and wheat seed, OECD Certification, regulated crops, GMO free areas and conditioning/export services

Join us in congratulating Satus Ager!

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