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Excellence Through Stewardship (ETS) is a global organization that promotes the adoption of product stewardship programs and quality management systems for the full life cycle of agricultural biotechnology products.


Excellence Through Stewardship (ETS) is a global non-profit organization based in Washington D.C. USA.

"Best Practices"

Organizations that work with agricultural biotechnology join Excellence Through Stewardship to learn from our product stewardship best practices.

"Responsible Management"

ETS member organizations implement product stewardship (responsible management, handling, governance, oversight, traceability etc.) best practices by way of our technical resources which include guidance on quality management systems, gap analysis, checklists and other material.


Upon joining, these member organizations have 3 years to successfully complete an "ETS Global Stewardship Audit" which is conducted by a third-party auditor to verify that stewardship programs and quality management systems are in place.​​


ETS best practices are designed to cover organizations throughout the plant product lifecycle.  This means they can accommodate any size, scope or type of operation. Furthermore they can adapt to any type of product - corn, soy, cotton, tree and beyond!


ETS is designed to appropriately promote stewardship and quality management regardless of the geographic location of an operation or activity and the regulatory authority under which it may be operating.


“ETS has effectively helped our organization assess our risks, develop action plans and evaluate implementation of stewardship programs for the entire life cycle of our plant products.” – Heather Spray, QMS Manager, AgReliant Genetics

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