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Welcome QualiBasic Seeds!

Excellence Through Stewardship is thrilled to welcome QualiBasic Seed (QBS) to the ETS organization. By committing to the ETS program, QBS will implement industry leading quality management systems and product stewardship programs.

QualiBasic Seeds is a Foundation Seed (FS) company, set-up in2017, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, with subsidiary operations in Zambia and South Africa. The QBS Mission is to produce and supply Foundation Seed of highest quality and purity to seed companies in East and Southern Africa, with the aim to be their preferred supplier of foundation seed (FS) to the ultimate benefit of Africa’s Farmers.

Achieving high quality standards such as high genetic purity, observing QA/QC and stewardship requirements along good germination and seed vigor, over several production cycles, is both a painstaking and expensive process.

  • QBS leverages economies of scale, to support significant investment in production and quality management to be able to ensure timely supply of FS to customers.

  • We aim to supply FS of the highest quality, priced according to the value addition to a seed company’s business but representing a level of affordability that enhances the availability of Certified Seed to small scale farmers in Africa.

  • We’re more of a problem solver and risk mitigator than just a seed company – helping customers manage the inherent risk of producing FS and providing them with FS that significantly improves the output of their Certified Seed.

  • QBS aims to ensure that a seed company can not only reliably produce their certified seed requirement, but also increase their Certified Seed yield, thus improving both quality and productivity

Please learn more here:

Join me in welcoming QBS to ETS.

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