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Excellence Through Stewardship presents

Agbio Stewardship Short Course

Join students from around the U.S. as experts from Excellence Through Stewardship (ETS) explore the importance of stewardship in the agriculture biotech industry.  This free webinar will enrich a student's understanding of how the agriculture industry responsibly manages products in a globalized world.  Part of the ETS "Professor Stewardship" Initiative, it will offer students the ability to learn about the day to day operations of the ag industry as well as make connections with industry members.

Why Attend?

Learn about quality management and stewardship for breeding, field trial, laboratory work and more

Discover roles and responsibility in the ag biotech industry

Meet industry contacts

Earn a course certificate

Thursday, April 21

@ 1 - 4 PM Eastern


  1. Stewardship 101: many definitions

  2. Stewardship in the Ag Industry

    • What is “Stewardship” in the Agricultural Context

    • The Excellence Through Stewardship Program

  3. Why Does Industry Do It

    • Trade, Reputation, and Freedom to Operate.

    • A Global Perspective on Stewardship’s Importance

  4. Stewardship in Practice: A Quality Management Perspective

  5. A day in the life of a stewardship professional

  6. Case Study: Unauthorized Flax

  7. Example Scenario 1​

    1. Breakout rooms

    2. Reconvene & Industry Experts respond​

  8. Example scenario 2

    1. Breakout rooms

    2. Reconvene & Industry Experts respond

  9. Q&A​

Thursday, April 21

@ 1 - 4 PM Eastern

Excellence Through Stewardship (ETS) an industry organized non-profit that develops and promotes best practices for the responsible management of agricultural biotechnology products. Composed of leading agricultural technology developers, the ETS organization has begun the "Professor Stewardship" initiative to educate students as potential future members of industry,

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