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ETS Qualified Auditor &Seed Quality Consultant                          ___________________________________


As the Head of Seeds Stewardship-APAC, I have steered implementation of a robust Stewardship program in the region and ensured License to Operate for the business. As the head of Quality Management, I have made immense contributions to support customizing SAP QM module for Bayer’s seed business in India besides ensuring excellent seed quality.


• 28 years of experience in Seed industry. • Highly skilled ETS Qualified Auditor &Seed Quality Consultant• Expertise in implementation of Quality Management System, Stewardship Program/ETS. Extensive experience in Seed Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Seed Testing Laboratory Management and in internal Stewardship &Quality audits.• Aptitude in mentoring public and private institutes to establish stewardship program


Bayer Bioscience Pvt Ltd.​​​​​​​2011 -2019

Designation: Head of Stewardship, Seeds APAC

Key Achievements:

Steered successful implementation of stewardship program in APAC and ensured License to Operate   through effective teamwork and coordination with all internal stakeholders. Greatly contributed to developing Seeds Stewardship Directives through teamwork with other members of the global product stewardship team using business insights. Mentored international organizations such as IRRI to help establishing a suitable stewardship program via a collaborative approach aimed at achieving outreach to external stakeholders reflecting business strategy.

Bayer Bioscience Pvt Ltd.

Designation: Global Stewardship Manager –Rice & Stewardship Manager, Asia 2010-2011


Bayer Bioscience Pvt Ltd.

Designation: Head of Quality Management, India                                                       2005-2010

Key Achievements:

Immensely contributed to support customizing SAP QM module for Bayer’s seeds business through inter disciplinary interfaces and improved over all efficiency of the quality management system for Bayer’s seeds business in India. Significantly minimized seed rejections and customer complaints by leading the implementation of suitable corrective and preventive actions. Defined parameters for converting rice grain dryer to seed dryer by innovative approaches in collaboration with the seed-processing engineer.

Zuari Seeds Ltd. India​​​​​​​        2004-2005

Designation: Head QA/QC


Vibha Seeds Pvt.Ltd. India​​​​​​​        2003-2004

Designation: Head QA/QC

Key Achievements:

Steered the establishment of a Seed Testing Laboratory and streamlined QA /QC operations by efficiently managing the team members and other resources


MAHYCO, India​​​​​​​​       2001-2003

Designation: Central-In charge, Quality Assurance

Key Achievements:

Successfully guided a 15-member quality team across India for efficient management of field and laboratory activities and ensured excellent seed quality via well-timed feedback sessions.

MAHYCO, India​​​​​​​​ 1992-2001

Designation: Manager Quality Assurance

Key Achievements:

Effectively contributed to the ISO 9001 certification of the company and sustained continuous improvement of the quality management system through efficient monitoring, audits and reviews.


ETS Qualified Auditor 2020 ISTA Workshop on Seed Sampling, Purity and Germination 2016-ISTA Six Sigma Green Belt 2007-QGS Six Sigma ISO 9000:2000 QMS Lead Auditor 2003 -IRCA-IATCA/NQA


Ph.D. Botany-Plant Physiology 1991-The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara M.Sc. Botany 1984-University of Kerala B.Sc. Botany, Zoology& Biochemistry 1982-University of Kerala


Shah, T., & G. Prathapa Senan (1991) Effect of CCC on the growth & yield of Mung Bean (Vigna radiata (L) wilczek) Var.Guj.2. J. Agron.CropSci.166 (1), 40-47 Shah, T., & G. Prathapa Senan (1992) Effect of CCC on the changes in the levels of starch, protein & nitrogen in the source Leaf & pods of Mung Bean (Vigna radiata (L) wilczek) Var.Guj.2. J. Agron.CropSci.169 (1), 254-259. Shah, T., & G. Prathapa Senan (1993) 'Effect of CCC on shoot growth, nodulation, nitrogenase activity and contents of Nitrogen, ureides, sugar and starch in Mung Bean (Vigna radiata (L) wilczek) Var.Guj.2. Biochem.PhysiolPflanzen, 188,373-384.

PERSONAL Date of Birth: August 01, 1962