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Congratulations IRRI

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Excellence Through Stewardship would like to recognize International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) for their successful completion of their 2017-2019 audit cycle under the ETS Global Audit Process. The ETS Global Audit Process ensures that our members have in place stewardship programs and quality management systems consistent with the Excellence Through Stewardship initiative.

IRRI aims to improve livelihoods and nutrition, abolishing poverty, hunger, and malnutrition among those who depend on rice-based agri-food systems. In doing so, IRRI’s work protects the health of rice farmers and consumers, and the environmental sustainability of rice farming in a world challenged by climate change. IRRI’s work promotes the empowerment of women and support opportunities for youth in an equitable agri-food system.

Our research for development is characterized by its collaborative nature: from alliances with advanced research institutes; through strong collaborations and capacity development with governments and national agricultural research and extension systems; to partnerships with the development sector and our ability to broker novel delivery channels through the private sector. IRRI’s work is supported by a diverse network of investors aligned to common goals.

IRRI’s strategic plan for 2017-2025 is transforming lives through the global rice sector embodied through the following major goals: 1) Innovation leadership for the global rice sector; 2) Catalyse impact at scale for people and planet; and 3) Transform rice-based agri-food systems. Please learn more here:


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