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Excellence Through Stewardship (ETS) Guides are designed to promote stewardship and quality management across the entire plant biotechnology industry regardless of crop type and size, scope or type of organization. They provide direction on how to develop and implement stewardship programs and quality management systems from discovery through commercialization and post-market activities.  They are flexible enough to be helpful whatever the regulatory systems under which the activity may be conducted.

The Guide for Stewardship of Biotechnology-Derived Plant Products provides plant-biotechnology product developers, providers and stakeholders with an overview of stewardship considerations at different phases of the life cycle of biotechnology-derived plant products.

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The Guide for Maintaining Plant Product Integrity of Biotechnology-Derived Plant Products  provides detailed guidance on how to develop and implement a stewardship program and quality-management system that will assist product developers in maintaining plant product integrity from product development through commercialization and post-market activities. The Guide is a series of extensive and informative educational modules that can be adapted to the specific activities pertinent to the user’s own operations, including incorporation into existing quality-management systems.

Modules include:

·    Research in the Laboratory

·    Research in Containment Facilities

·    Confined Field Trials

·    Plant and Seed Multiplication

·    Commercial Plant and Seed Distribution

Common to all of the modules is an emphasis on the importance of product identification and trace back as well as documentation and data governance.

Also Available:  Chinese | French | Portuguese | Spanish

The Guide for Product Launch Stewardship (revised February 2018) assists an organization in its development and implementation of the policy and activities recommended for biotechnology-derived plant products, including commodity and specialty crops and, where applicable, their derivative products and by-products. For example, an organization may choose to implement product launch stewardship activities that are crafted to direct a high-value specialty crop either to or away from specific markets.

Also Available: Chinese* | French* | Portuguese | Spanish*

*Translation has not been updated to most recent English version

The Guide for Product Discontinuation of Biotechnology-Derived Plant Products provides guidance when the decision is made to discontinue a product and terminate sale globally as a strategic business decision. Discontinuation is a normal part of the biotechnology product life cycle. This situation is separate and distinct from that associated with withdrawn or recalled products. The objectives of a global product discontinuation process are to eliminate product inventories and prevent new market exposure for the discontinued product through company research, development and/or commercial activities.

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The Guide for Incident-Response Management of Biotechnology-Derived Plant Products provides guidance for the prompt management and resolution of incidents involving plant biotechnology products. Potentially, incidents can occur at any stage of the product life cycle. Therefore, an organization should have systems, processes, procedures, and resources in place to respond to potential incidents involving biotechnology-derived plant products across the life cycle.

Also Available: Chinese | French | Portuguese | Spanish

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The Guide for Resistance Management assists developers of biotechnology-derived plant products by providing guidance on the development and implementation of a resistance management program(s) that includes a resistance management plan(s) as components of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy throughout the product life cycle from research and discovery through commercialization and post-market activities.

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IRM Information PowerPoint (Spanish Version, Portuguese Version)
IRM Information Video (Members Only)
Audit Checklist (Members Only)

External Resources:

CropLife International has pulled together information on RM that can be helpful in understanding the importance of its implementation. Their website also has additional resources that you may find helpful.

The Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) has a great website full of additional information to help with your understanding Insect Resistance Management.

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